Cat and the Canary

Return of the Banished Gods, Book 3

The banished god Marduk is back.  Only this time, he brought an army.


After defeating the evil god Ashur, Cat Fortune was locked up in a secret government laboratory so that her remarkable powers could be “studied”.

But then she is whisked away to DC on the orders of the President.  Something has happened to southern Nevada.  Something weird, which suggests he needs somebody weird to look into it.  Cat is many things: orphan, math student, wannabe statistician, coffee addict, detainee, and a bunch of other things besides.  And, of course, weird, in all the right ways to help solve  the President’s problem.

Marduk has made his latest move to take over the world – but its not just our planet that is in danger.  Not even just our Universe.

Marduk is going to destroy everything.    Unless Cat can stop him!

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