Child of the Servator – now available on Amazon!

David WRITES! that his début novel, Child of the Servator, has been published!  It is available as an eBook or a paperback.

Child of the Servator: 

Something fell to Earth 2000 years ago. The Roman Army trapped it, but as their empire decayed, they forgot it. Now it wants out, and it’s hungry.

A historian hopes to solve an ancient mystery by following a handful of recently uncovered clues. But he is not the only one who wants what the Romans buried.

The UN sends Peri Carlton to check out a sudden death.   It’s clear that something odd is going on in North Wales. Can Peri make sense of the tangle of gods, monsters, aliens and demons that surround the puzzle? And along the way, can she unravel the mysteries in her own life, and find out who she really is?

The ebook is available on all good ebook stores, and the paperback can be purchased from Amazon.  Use this link:


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