Desert Dogs

Exciting science-fiction action adventure!

Grey Lands Book 1

A peaceful desert clan – massacred.

A survivor – looking for revenge and answers.

A chance discovery – something glimpsed in a market town points a way forward.

The man they call Grey, last of the Es-Cal clan, is systematically hunting down the mercenaries employed to slaughter his people when he stumbles upon a clue that sends him out into the unforgiving grey desert in pursuit of a murderous kidnapper – a pursuit that might lead him to answers about himself. Because he cannot remember who he is, where he came from, and how he came to be here on this blighted planet. And maybe that will turn out to be important. Because something ugly is coming.

Light years away, a galactic empire recovering from war reels from a violent attempt to disrupt the fragile peace. How does the fate of the galaxy depend on events on a forgotten far-off world?

The ‘Grey Lands’ series will reveal the answer.

desert dogs cover

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