Lucky Cat

Return of the Banished Gods, Book 1

Demons stole Cat’s luck.  Now they want to steal the universe.

Catriona never believed in magic or the supernatural; it’s just that she had  always been lucky.  Very lucky. Until her remarkable luck was noticed by something powerful and other-worldly.  Something that decided to steal her power and leave her for dead.  Somehow, she survived the ordeal and discovered abilities she had never suspected that she possessed. 

Long ago, the Ancient Gods that once brought terror and suffering to the world were banished from our universe.  But now they have found a way to return, and their plans for taking back the universe call for a lot of death and destruction. 

Although Cat never believed in magic or the supernatural, now it seems she’s an unwilling part of it.  Will she come to terms with who she is and what she can do in time to master the powers of her ancestors?  And will that be enough to save humanity and the universe from the revenge of the banished gods?

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