The Sweet Taste of Murder

Murder in the sleepy glades of Gloucestershire

“I must be a horrible person,” Sandy whispered. “All I can think is that the floor in there is going to be a pig to clean…”

Her wedding day ruined, confectioner Sandy Stapely did not think things could get any worse until she arrives at work at ‘Sandy’s Candies’ to find a police raid in progress and a messy corpse cluttering up the premises!

The police seem to think Sandy is hiding guilty secrets, so she and her best friend Maggie resolve to set them straight. As if her life was not complicated enough, Sandy finds she has a growing attraction to the good-looking investigator, MacDuff, from the National Crime Agency. 

An arsonist, sinister Eastern Europeans, and a kidnapper join in the mayhem as Sandy and Maggie – with some help from MacDuff – struggle to work out what’s going on and, of course, answer the question ‘whodunnit’.

sweet taste cover

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