Cat and the Hot Tin Roof

Return of the Banished Gods, Book 2

The Babylonian Gods are back … but Cat still isn’t sure she’s ready for them.

Cat Fortune inherited magical powers from her ancestors, and managed to use some of them to defeat the Babylonian Gods who tried to breach the boundary of our universe.  That would have been very bad for all of us!

Now she’s supposed to protect humanity from predatory ancient gods that want to conquer our universe.  The trouble is, she doesn’t really understand what powers she has, never mind how to use them.  Nor what else might have taken up residence inside her during her climactic battle with the Babylonian gods and demons last time round.

Now Marduk’s followers are back, stealing sacred artefacts from museums and private collectors.  They are searching for something of great power.  Something that Cat needs to find before they do, and prevent them from using against us.

cat and the hot tin roof cover

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